A Media Query Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet that shows a list of mediaqueries on the current page. Active queries are highlighted. The list updates in real time as the user resizes the window.

(Update: Implemented an MVP of this: mediaQueryAnalyzer)

A Beautiful Image Captcha

One nice captcha idea I have been thinking about is what I call the "Beautiful image captcha". Show a random image from pexels.com and ask the user "What do you see in this image?" and then check if the answer is in the tags of that image.

This would be a captcha that might actually be enjoyable.

Pipes in PHP

Then instead of:

$x="Hello World"; echo $x;

We could write:

"Hello World" | echo;

Wikidata for medical studies

A website that collects strucred data about medical studies.

Dynamic padding for Screen or Tmux

A command like ":padto 80x80" would restrict the content area to 80x80 chars, independent of the size of the surrounding window.