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Firefox is my favorite browser. But unfortunately, its performance related to some canvas operations dropped by a factor of 5 somewhere after version 11.

To find out whats wrong, I made this page to test different canvas operations. The first one I tried, fillRect, already shows real poor performance. Its about 10 times slower then in Chrome on my machine.

This is the operation Im testing:
ctx.fillRect (Math.random()*300,Math.random()*300,1,1);

Hit start to start it. It will display an FPS count (Fillrects per second).

On my machine, an Intel i7 with a Geforce 630GT, running Mint i get:
Firefox 16: about 50.000 FPS
Chromium 20: about 480.000 FPS

Its hard to imagine that the Firefox developers did not notice this. Is this only related to some machines?

When posting numbers, please provide your Operating System. Looks like Windows users get different numbers then Linux users. Anybody around with OSX?

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